Programme / planned activities

The network organises regular activities for the Ubiquitous Interaction doctoral training network:

  • Doctoral consortia
  • Joint workshops (local, international)
  • Invited speakers
  • Summer schools/winter schools
  • Joint supervision/mentoring

We will have regular joint activities together with leading international partners with whom we already have cooperation in the domain of ubiquitous interaction.

In 2014-2015, we will start with the following concrete actions:

  1. Collaborative post-doc seminar related to ubiquitous interaction
  2. International UBI Summer School 2014 organized by University of Oulu
  3. International doctoral consortium

In 2015-2017 the following activities are tentatively planned:

  • Annual UBI Summer Schools (Oulu)
  • Annual UBI Winter Schools (Tampere and other locations depending on the new partners)
  • Doctoral consortium with international partners
  • Common workshops in top conferences
  • Preparations and sharing of teaching materials; online courses
  • Joint supervision/mentoring of students

About the programme, please contact Post. Doc. Heli Väätäjä [firstname(dot)lastname(at)tut(dot)fi (remove dots over "a" letters in lastname)].